Valentine’s Day Baby Comes Complete with Red Hair, Heart-Shaped Birthmark

The heart-shaped birthmark on Julianna Valencia’s left leg.

Valentine’s Day babies may not be unusual, even those born with red hair. But one born with red hair and a distinctive 1-inch, reddish, heart-shaped birth mark on her left leg?

“In 34 years as a nurse, I have never seen anything like it. Neither has anyone else on our staff,” said Elaine Gianopolus, a Franciscan St. Margaret Health-Hammond Family Birthing Center nurse, about the case of Julianna Valencia, who came into the world at 7:28 a.m. that day at a length of 19.5 inches and weight of 7 pounds, 12 ounces.

The nurse’s feelings were echoed by Suzanne Davidson, a nurse since 1996, who is director of the St. Margaret’s medical-surgery unit and of women and children services.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before; it is very unusual,” she said, adding still other members of the medical staff agreed.

Mother Jessica Valencia and daughter Jessalynn, 3, snuggle with newly arrived Julianna in a room at Franciscan St. Margaret Health-Hammond.

Mother Jessica Valencia, of Hammond, said, “It is so neat that she was born on Valentine’s Day. Just before I saw her, a nurse and my sister-in-law told me,’You’re not going to believe it – she has red hair and a heart on her leg.'”

Valencia’s mother, Lynn Burns, of Valparaiso, said she was ecstatic about the birth her new granddaughter, adding, “She is just a beautiful baby. We are so happy.”

Mother-in-law Bertha Alcantar, of Hammond, called her son Angel’s and daughter-in-law’s new addition, “a love baby,” adding she was conceived during the couple’s honeymoon after their wedding May 27.

The couple has another daughter, Jessalynn, age 3, who spent much of her time during a visit the day after the birth snuggling and holding her new sister.

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