Caring for Carmelite Kids at Easter

Franciscan Physicians Hospital has a tradition of helping the children who live at St. Joseph’s Carmelite Home and this Easter is no exception. But, what started as a hospital committee project turned into a project completely driven by Facebook groups wanting to help.

Office supervisor and Franciscan employee, Brandy Egnatz, is part of the Service Excellence Committee at Franciscan Physicians Hospital and helped formulate the idea for the Easter basket donation. To make the most out of the project, she decided to write a post requesting donated Easter items in two different Facebook groups she belongs to. One post went to went to a group of over 3,000 northwest Indiana moms and the other was for the town of Lowell.

Egnatz coordinated the project when she started getting an outpouring of Facebook members who wanted to help in the mission.

“I told them what I was doing and I asked for donations. Then I bought the baskets and the next thing you know, I had everything to fill them!” Egnatz said. “I met the women to collect the donations and with the help of my mom, Vickie Loeber (whom is also a Franciscan employee) and my babysitter Kris Holsti, we filled the baskets”.

Delivery of the gifts took place Thursday March 14th, during which time a basket with each child’s name was provided. Baskets contained stuffed animals, candy, toys and books that were all age appropriate for each child. Over 65 baskets were made and delivered.

Egnatz commented on why this project was so important to her. “I just wanted the children to have something to open on Easter. I have three kids and couldn’t imagine them not having a basket to wake up to. I just wanted to make them happy”.

For information on supporting the mission of the St. Joseph’s Carmelite Home, visit or call (219)397-1085.

About the St. Joseph’s Carmelite Home

Since its establishment nearly 100 years ago, the Carmelite Home has been a refuge for neglected and abused children from birth to age 18. Known for having the highest outcomes in Indiana, children of the Carmelite Home are successfully integrated back into the community. The nonprofit organization for family and child services offers comprehensive care with a residential treatment center and emergency shelter so no child will be homeless.

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