Hospital celebrates National Donate Life Month with tree-planting service

In celebration of organ and tissue donors and recipients, Franciscan St. Margaret Health – Dyer, in conjunction with Gift of Hope Organ and Tissue Donation Network and the Indiana Lions Eye and Tissue Transplant Bank, conducted a National Donate Life Month Gift of Hope tree-planting service April 26 on the hospital grounds, 24 Joliet St.

Linda Kraiko, senior director of patient services, hosted the event, which was presided over by the Rev. Henry Sequeira, hospital chaplain.

Diane Ranta, a registered nurse in the Same Day Surgery unit, told the story of her recently deceased husband, Tom, who was able to live longer, thanks to kidney and pancreas donations he received. “We see the last 13 years as a gift of another family’s love,” she said.


Shown are Alice Jenkins, Gift of Hope representative; and Michael Henderson, of the Lions transplant bank, as they do a ceremonial watering of one of the newly planted trees (meant to symbolize growth and hope), as did the other attendees. The trees were provided by Lake Shore Nursery.

Video Highlights

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