Franciscan St. Anthony Health – Crown Point staff physician invited to address international conference

Dr. Michael MarascoMichael Marasco, DPM, a 33-year staff doctor of podiatric medicine with Franciscan St. Anthony Health – Crown Point, who also has a private practice in Merrillville, was invited to address physicians from more than 40 nations at the World Congress of Podiatry, conducted in Rome, Italy, Oct. 17 to 19.

He was accepted after submitting a proposal, following urging by a colleague, on a case involving soft tissue leiomyosarcoma (smooth muscle tumor), which had been incorrectly diagnosed as an ankle sprain by several physicians for more than a year, before being brought to Marasco’s attention.

“Examining her soon led me to believe that something was going on here beyond a routine ankle sprain,” Marasco said, adding, he looked “beyond the obvious,” because of the patient’s continuing symptoms. “Leiomyosarcomas of the foot are rare, but they are not unheard of and in this case, proved to be the unfortunate outcome,” he said, adding the tumor had spread to the 74-year-old woman’s spine and legs.

In his presentation, Marasco will address the importance of early recognition of atypical foot and ankle pain and indications for appropriate radiology and imaging techniques. Preventative guidelines were evaluated and practice protocols were suggested, he said.

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