10 Healthy Eating Tips for your next BBQ

Submitted by Kelly Devine Rickert, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN, Registered Dietitian/Health Coach, Franciscan WELLCARE

Here are some suggestions on how to navigate those summer BBQ’s without adding on the pounds!


  1. If you know you are heading to a party, cut back a little on calories the couple meals before you go. i.e., eat a salad instead of a sandwich for lunch.
  2. Add in some extra time in your workout if you know ahead of time you are heading to a party. Or if you overdid it at the party, tack on extra time in your workout the next day.
  3. Don’t go to your party hungry! Eat a small snack an hour or two before you head out so you don’t start picking at all the appetizers at the party.
  4. Scope out the buffet ahead of time to see what’s on the menu. Then pick and choose.
  5. Limit items with mayo (potato salad, coleslaw, pasta salad)
  6. Always choose salad, vegetables or fruit as one on your sides.
  7. Choose your leaner meats such as grilled chicken. If you are serving hamburgers, try and make the patties out of 90-95% lean sirloin instead of the boxed burgers from the freezer section.
  8. Limit the chips and desserts. If you choose one just watch your portions.
  9. Don’t forget that high calories beverages (Alcohol, pops, lemonades, etc) can add in a lot of extra calories.
  10. The main goal is to not overeat, watch your portions and don’t forget.. Have a great time!
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